Sponsorship Management

At Centre Stage Entertainment, we strive to make our strategies simple yet effective. When it comes to your sponsorship needs, we have a team of experts who can ably develop, design, negotiate, and coordinate your plans from beginning to end.

Sponsorship Buying

Sponsorships are effective ways to send a message across your captive audience. When executed properly, your business becomes visible in a live event, effectively building more awareness and appeal to your target consumers. You can trust our knowledge and negotiation skills in this platform.

Our sponsorship buying strategies basically include the following:

  • Determining the appropriate event based on the given demographic target
  • Come up with marketing objectives and the corresponding budget
  • Thorough study of the appropriate demographic events
  • Plan, negotiate, and coordinate the Sponsorship
  • Assist in the finalization of contract
  • Ensure achievement of the advertising elements in the package
  • Measure the effectiveness of the sponsorship package (compute ROI)

Sponsorship Selling

We also cater to your needs for sponsorship sales. Your corporate events can be considered a success depending on the sponsorship sales that it will be able to generate. We can help you out in this area by helping you qualify your sponsor prospects and prepare a very effective sales presentation.

We have years of experience in the industry and we are confident that we have the right contacts to sell your event. Our sponsorship sales process includes:

  • Conducting review of the sponsorship business plan
  • Come up with targets related to advertising categories
  • Qualify Prospects
  • Create layout and design for sponsorship collaterals which could include online sites and distribution of emails
  • Presentation of Sponsorship Proposal using both online and offline media
  • Negotiation and signing of contracts
  • Preparation of analysis of sponsor’s ROI